Winks Custom Cycles

Winks Custom Cycles

Wink Eller, a 24-year veteran in the motorcycle world, is known within the industry for the craftsmanship and performance of his custom-made cycles. Throughout the years Eller has shown that his machines are a sublime mélange of form and function, winning critical and commercial appeal for the beauty of his bikes and gaining rock solid industry approval with over 40 land speed records, 14 of which have yet to be broken. His talents have netted him numerous media appearances, including magazine, television, and film.

Wink Eller as seen on Monster Garage & The New Discovery TV Show “BIG” Coming in June, 1 2004

What is BIG?

It’s the puzzle that’s been on everyone’s mind at one time or another: How do you make a 700-gallon smoothie? Answer: With a 16-foot blender, of course.

Which leads to the question, um, where can you find a 16-foot blender?

Enter BIG!, a 16-part series in which host Frank Payne challenges his team of craftsmen, fabricators, builders, designers and artists to think big and to build even bigger each week. Whether it’s a 22-foot-tall popcorn popper or a 32-foot-long electric guitar, everyday objects appear in a whole new dimension every Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET/PT, starting June 1.

So, why make a giant blender? Because the BIG! team can, of course … with the help of 20 car batteries strung together. And Frank isn’t just standing around whistling “Dixie” as Wink, Lisa, Eric and Reverend Gadget battle their monumental challenge — he’s out in search of just the right tools to put his colossal creation to the test, such as a cherry picker and 1,200 pounds of bananas, 1,000 pounds of strawberries, 152 gallons of yogurt, 40 25-pound blocks of ice and 2 gallons of grenadine, in the blender case.

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