OutLaw Eyewear


OutLaw Eyewear Sunglasses

OutLaw Eyewear Sunglasses

OutLaw Eyewear Sunglasses are a formidable Aluminum sun glass that wraps around your face for a secure comfortable feel for all types of extreme sports, riding, or just wearing around town. Some of their styles come with a foam insert or you can purchase foam inserts for a tighter grip around your ocular cavities for a completely solid wind resistant cup feel.

OutLaw Eyewear Inc. is based in Campbell California and has been there for over 10 years developing the perfect riding eyewear sunglasses for Motorcycle Riders and Extreme Sports junkies that were completely safe but also has it’s own style and thus OutLaw eye-wear was born

OutLaw has come out with some great styles since being in business including the OutLaw Tornado which is a Sun Glass that is very wide and rectangular and fits the more demon eyes look. OutLaw Inmate sunglasses which have an interchangeable lens for people who wish to change their style every once in a while plus these sun glasses are much more stylish for outdoor recreation or business. And the OutLaw Intruder sunglasses which are more of a cross breed of riding goggle and sun glass, they are light weight and extremely durable and will protect you from the elements.

You can get Outlaw Sunglasses are Choppers Apparel or Metal Sunglasses any time 24/7.

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