Jesse James, West Coast Choppers, Austin Speed Shop is back!

New Jesse James, West Coast Choppers, Austin Speed Shop Gear.

New Jesse James, West Coast Choppers, Austin Speed Shop Gear.

Jesse James has been underground for quite sometime after his personal issues with his Marriage and other non-spectacular media snapshots he is ready to relaunch his brand in full force. the new line from Jesse James includes his original speed shop of Austin Speed Shop, West Coast Choppers, and now he has a new line of Chopper and Work Wear names Jesse James Work Wear which is a part of Dickies.

The new line of products come from all three brands has been a huge fashion success so far, the Austin Speed shop brand brings back the old school style with an upbeat fashion design logo that really features the type of builders and cars built out of this speed shop that makes them a top quality builder.

West Coast Choppers will mostly stay the same with a few new art designs that are more of the rugged and cool look with more skulls and darker face of the original brand. It is no surprise since the original logo was the iron cross with West Coast Choppers Written cross wise across it. But they will be offering more of the Jesse James custom built frames, motorcycle plates, and now jewelry.

Jesse James has always been seen as a blue collard worker first and an artist second his motorcycles have been a work of art since he first started. He even captured the big screen in movie by building bikes for Quentin Tarantinos, The Grind House.

You have to check out the new clothing line, just click here if you are looking to see his new lines of biker clothing.

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