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Exile Cycles Russell Mitchell Style Motorcycle Choppers.

Exile Cycles Russell Mitchell Style Motorcycle Choppers.

The Build or Bust show is based entirely in the Exile Cycles shop utilizing our components and facility and that the decision to award the bike or not is based on Russ’s approval of whether the bike is good enough.

Build or Bust, presented by K&N Engineering, is an unscripted drama where each week an ordinary motorcycle enthusiast is given the chance to build a custom bike from scratch. Using the facilities of Master Builder Russell Mitchell at Exile Cycles, the builder, nicknamed “The Wrench,” is supplied with the parts and tools necessary to build the motorcycle of his or her dreams and given 30 days to complete the task. If the bike meets the exacting standards set out by Russell and his crew, The Wrench gets to keep the bike, if not they leave the shop with nothing.

Russell Mitchell is a great builder with an attitude that cracks people up as well as captures the true essence of what it means to be a builder. His bikes have been known to be top of the world and even though his show is gone he still works in his shope tirelessly creating more art that deserves to be on the road. He is Exile Cycles!

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