Choppers Inc.

Choppers Inc. Billy Lane Bike Motorcycle Builder

Choppers Inc. Billy Lane Bike Motorcycle Builder

Who is Choppers Inc. Choppers Inc & Billy Lane?

Billy Lanes success did not begin with Choppers Inc., and it probably will not end there either. Billy’s father got him interested in cars and hotrods early on. Having gained a lot of mechanical knowledge from this early experience he went on to attend Florida State University, earning an associate of science degree in mechanical engineering, and later attended Florida International University where he obtained his degree of Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering. He bought his first bike in 1989 while attending college. It was basically in pieces so he got to work and with the help of some old timers put it together. He learned a lot quickly.

After college Billy went to work for his brother working on bikes. Then the time arrived for him to strike out on his own. He began building custom parts as gifts for friends. A demand for these six-gun parts grew outside his circle of friends, which lead to Choppers Inc. opening in Melbourne Florida. Now in the business for over 14 years, Billy believes part of his success as getting into the chopper scene before the motorcycle industry really recognized their relevance. The chopper style is now a huge industry. Billy builds a few truly unique high quality bikes each year. Thus allowing him to develop new parts and ideas for new products. He now holds seven US patents on Choppers Inc. six-gun design parts. His fantastic builds also utilize Perse Performance, Morris Magneto, Iron Cross, Got Flames, Velocity Works, Accurate Engineering, and BelRay Oil.

In his many appearances Billy has won many awards for his work. Such as The 2002 Easyriders Invitational Class-First Place In Show for his Psycho Billy Cadillac bike which features a hub less back wheel. Billy’s bikes have been featured on many magazine covers including The Horse, Street Chopper, Hot Bike and Easyriders. His other new old school creations include, Le Big Mac, Chop shop Tour Bike, Hell’s Belle, Whole lot of Rosy, Money Shot, Down & Dirty, Miss Behavin, The Money Magnet, Easyrider VQ Chopper, Devil in a Red Dress, and Knuckle Sandwich.

Billy can be seen on many episodes of The Great Biker Build Off on the Discovery Channel as well as an episode of BIG! And the very first episode of Monster Garage. Billy Lane the “East Coast Chopper Kingpin” can also be found at many Easyriders Events where he may just be hanging around the Broken Spoke Saloon or The Full Throttle Saloon unwinding. His Choppers Inc. gear is available for the many fans out there including his new signature line of Sha Sha Fine Shoes.

Billy Lane and Choppers Inc. have evolved over the years but his true to style designs and quality builds let everyone know that there are many more creations to amaze us all. Billy Lane is truly becoming a legend in his own time.

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