Choppers Apparel is Back!

Choppers Apparel is Back but for now it is a soft opening

Choppers Apparel is Back but for now it is a soft opening

Choppers Apparel (C.A. Clothing) has been dead for over a year, after a few investor changes and a few bumps and bruises the company makes a come back with a few of the original staff that started Choppers Apparel. The company was purchased back by a couple of old grunts who used to work there, and after further review because Choppers Apparel was a part of home in their hearts so they have decided to relaunch the site completely and bring back all of the old Biker Manufacturers that got lost in the fire as well as bring in the new breed of builders. They will be focusing on the old Chopper Motorcycle Crowd and the new Car building crowd for a complete consortium of hardcore auto builder enthusiast and lifers.

Because Choppers Apparel wants to be launched right, the site is live right now at but there is still a lot missing, so for some of the original customers of Choppers Apparel when you go on the site there are a lot of sales going on and the staff has been running ragged trying to get site registered, complete, and with all of the products they currently have in stock right now. But they have also brought all the new products they are currently handling now. The business is up and running right now and the ordering system is in place for complete and secure checkout with limited cheap biker stuff.

Right now is a great time to get a lot of Chopper Motorcycle gear for a great deal.

Also they have launched all of their social networks that you can see on product pages and will be using facebook, Instagram, tumblr,  Chopper Wire (us), Twitter, and the new Pinterest. So make sure if you are a biker apparel fan you add yourself to their social networks.


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