Billy Lane

Billy Lane of Choppers Inc.

Billy Lane of Choppers Inc.

Who is Billy Lane – Choppers Inc. and what is he known for?

Billy Lane was born and raised in Miami. He has his degree in mechanical engineering recognized by Florida State University. Billy Lane also has a bachelor of science degree in mechanical engineering from Florida International University. Billy Lane shortly after college started building motorcycles working side by side with is brother. Once he had the experience he decided to started making custom chopper parts as a hobby and then Choppers Inc. was created in 1995 in Melbourne, Florida.

Since Billy Lane has been building custom choppers his name and pictures can be seen on magazine covers from The Horse, Street Chopper and Easy riders. Billy Lane from Choppers Inc. has also been recognized from numerous awards for best bike builder of the year, and awards for his famous hubless wheel design. Billy Lane has also been featured on a variety of different episodes from The Biker Build-off and Monster Garage by the Discovery Channel.

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